Hazy Gates

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Emergency lighting

THE HAZY GATES   10th February 2007

What the audience said……….

 A full house of concertgoers enjoyed a memorable rendition of traditional and original Celtic music in one of the large chambers of Carey’s Cave at Wee Jasper on Saturday 10th February.  The setting, sound and atmosphere underground were truly magical.

The Hazy Gates (from Canberra), comprised of three internationally renowned performers, entertained a very receptive audience for over an hour and a half. Gerry Doyle, Dave O’Neill and Jon Jones gave a spirited rendition of both lively and lyrical folk tunes and songs, sweating profusely despite the 16 degree temperature in the cave. 

Whilst the group may be called ‘hazy’, the wonderful acoustics of the cave setting resulted in such a crystal clear sound that even the smallest tap on the drum was discernable. The pure acoustic sounds of voice, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and percussion blended well, and the unaccompanied voice of Gerry Doyle held the audience spellbound. Between songs the players regaled the audience with humorous anecdotes from their many international concert experiences. 

The atmosphere was further enhanced by an unexpected power cut as a storm raged outside, leaving the artists and audience enjoying the intimacy of a softly candle lit evening. Naturally the lack of power made no difference to the music and the calm response of management had the situation under control to the extent that the audience believed it was all part of the show. After a rousing ovation, accompanied by rumbles of thunder from above, the group played extended encores whilst for the rain outside to ease. Regretfully we finally had to head back up the stairs to brave the elements. 

This venue promises to be a significant space for future acoustic performances in an intimate and beautiful setting. We eagerly await the next offering at Carey’s Cave. 

Sara Kettle & Nic Robinson   -  Yass Tribune  21st Feb 2007

.... and this is what the musicians had to say...

Thanks for hosting such a memorable concert. Everything about it from the pre-show refreshments to wonderful warm audience to the wonderful space made the night refreshingly exciting.

I have spoken to the boys in the band who all agreed the venue space was wonderful. The sound was clear and pure with great resonance. Once you entered the cave you left the world behind. 

The crowd was incredibly generous in their applause and the cave made for an intimate concert. Up close and personal. The special add ons such as the lights, the candlelight when the thunderstorm cut power to the cave for a short while and the trickling of water just added to the beautiful atmosphere.   Thanks Again!  

As a footnote I have no hesitation in recommending the cave as a recording space to many musicians.

Cheers      Jonathan Jones