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             In the dark,

                                          In the quiet........

                                                               Something is stirring,
                                                            Something is rising........
                                              Feel it

After a gruelling ten year siege the Greek leader Agamemnon has destroyed the ancient and powerful city of Troy.  He returns home carrying vaste treasure and a captive Trojan princess, expecting a hero's welcome.

But in ten years his kingdom Argos has changed: his beautiful wife Clytemnestra has changed. Waiting for Agamemnon is the blood curse incurred by generation after generation of his brutal family. His own deeds and the deeds of his forebears demand retribution and retribution's agent
is Argos' psychotic queen.

In this compelling adaptation of Aeschylus' 2500-year-old drama, enter the imagined world of the heroes of Troy - a world navigated with magic and ritual, where every shadow is potent and every silence murmurs with
"the gods of the hearts and the heat of men". Possessed by daemons or simply given over to their
own darker impulses Agamemnon, Clytemnestra and the captive Cassandra are all
engaged in an eerie dance, inexorably moving towards destruction.

We Three
in association with IcklePickle


Aeschylus' masterpiece
adapted by Rachel Hogan

We Three's first full-scale production rests on a pulsating original score
and simple but striking design by some of Canberra's most talented people.

Producer ..... Peter Fock

Director.....Rachel Hogan
Assistant Director.....Kerrie Roberts
Music.....Ian Wood, Alex Johnson, Jaime Isfahani

Featuring..... Bart Black, Jenna Arnold, Alexandra Howard
Diane Heather, Jaime Isfahani, Marin Hogan

Costume.....Helena Hills and Chandra Crowther

Lighting Design..... Justin Watson

Carey's Cave  Wee Jasper,   June 14,   5pm

TICKETS : $40   (No concessions)